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Group Members

Group Members

   Ph.D. Students

- Lic. Dariana G. Erazo Rondon (2019-  )
   M. Sc. Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela
   Contact: dgerazorondon@qo.fcen.uba.ar
-  Lic. Vicente L. Peña García (2020- )
    M. Sc. Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela
   Contact: vicentep117@gmail.com 

 Former Group Members:

PhD Fellows
- Dr. Andrea S. Mac Cormack  
   PhD finished 2019
   Contact: andreamac@qo.fcen.uba.ar

Postdoctoral Fellows

- Dr. Evelyn Bonifazi (2012-2014)
   Ph. D. Universidad de Buenos Aires (2012)
   Contact: evelynbonifazi@gmail.com

- Dr. Valeria C. Edelsztein (2012-2014)
   Ph.D. Universidad de Buenos Aires (2010)


- Federico Sciaccaluga (2014-2015) 
   FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires
- Matías Ciarlantini (2012)
   FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires


We think that multidisciplinary collaboration is essential to address the major challenges on research. We collaborate with teams from other disciplines at the University and also with other groups from around the world; working together is integral to our research projects. We work in collaboration with the following researchers:

Dr. Carla C. Spagnuolo
Departameto de Química Orgánica
FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Dr. Raquel E. Galian
(Photo)chemistry Reactivity Group
Universidad de Valencia, España.

Dr. Fabio Cukiernic 
INQUIMAE, CONICET-FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires